How to Stage Your Bathroom

August 14, 2018

When it’s time to get ready to sell, you need to turn to the professionals.  A well prepared home will always sell faster and for more money.  Kathy is a friend and colleague that is a specialist in preparing and staging your home.


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How to Stage Your Bathroom

When your house is on the market, every room and space counts. Don’t forget your bathroom. Just like the rest of your house, editing what you have, making sure that it’s clean, and showing your buyer the possibilities of the space are key.

staged bathroom

 Below are nine tips to help you stage your bathroom.

 1. Look at your light fixtures.

You’d be surprised at how much new/updated light fixtures can give your bathroom a fresh look. Take a walk in the aisles of your local hardware store and see what’s available. They’re a small investment in helping to get your home sold.

If you have covers on your current light fixtures, remove and clean them.



2. Take a good look at your mirror

If your mirror is desilvering around the edges, this needs to be addressed. As a stager, when I see this it shouts I am old! You can resilver the mirror, replace it, or place a frame around it.

New or old, be sure to make sure that it sparkles.


3. Update your hardware

Consider updating the hardware on your cabinets and new faucets if you can.

4. Hide the personals

You would think that this is a no-brainer, but it isn’t. Buyers feel as if they’re intruding if they look into the bathroom and see your toothbrushes, shaving cream, lotions, etc scattered on the countertop. Buy some plastic storage containers at Target and place your items in them and then under the counter.

They may pop in and pop out just as quickly if all they see is your stuff.

Not to mention the fact that all of the stuff can be distracting.

You will also want to put away all prescription medication.

5. Fluffy white towels!

Perhaps you’re waiting to buy new towels until you get into your new home. That’s understandable. However, if your towels are blah and represent every color of the rainbow, consider investing in some new fluffy white towels. Nothing says Spa like those.

 6. New shower curtain or make the glass sparkle

Consider a solid or clear curtain if you have one that is overly ornate.

If you have a shower door, make sure that it sparkles.

before and after staged bathroom


7. Clean

Grab your soft scrub, Limeaway, vinegar, Windex, and whatever else you clean with and go for it.

 8. Check your walls

While you’re painting the rest of your house, don’t forget the bathroom!  If you have wallpaper in it and it is from the last century, remove it.

9. Time to Stage!

This is where you take your bathroom from nice to Spa-wow!

Think threes as you group decorative items such as a plant or, my bathroom stagedfavorite, an orchid, candles, rolled hand towels, or an apothecary jar filled with soap, potpourri, or small hand towels.

Use your imagination but remember to keep it simple.

Give your bathroom that spa-appeal when you prepare it for sale. These 9 tips are easy to do and can have a minimum impact on your budget, with a positive effect on your sale price.

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