It’s a big job organizing a golf tournament.  The bigger the tournament the more work.  Getting prizes for the golfers is one of the hardest things you have to do.

Everyone wants to win a car (lease), but you usually have to get a hole in one and most golfers know it’s like winning the lottery.

Here’s an idea we have that will interest all of your golfers, and everyone can have a chance to win it.  It’s not a car, but could buy one.

We are Real Estate Agents and are always looking for the newest and best marketing ideas.  We came up with the idea of donating the listing commission on the sale of a house.  Just to be clear, the typical commission to sell a house is 5% + HST.  The listing commission is half of that or 2.5% + HST.

So, if you were selling a $800,000.00 home, the commission at 2.5% would be $20,000 and a further saving of $3,000 of HST that would not be required to be paid.

A couple of people asked “why are you doing this?”, the answer is not that we are nice guys, but we really are.  The answer is, each time we list a home for sale we get to market it via newspaper ads., postcards, social media, open houses and on and on.  If we do a good job marketing it, there is someone else that will want our services.  So it can be a “win/win” for all of us.

Here’s the fine print:

  1.  The property to be listed for sale must be in the Toronto GTA (will consider if outside the GTA if the area is serviced by the Toronto Real Estate Board.
  2. Minimum of 72 golfers.
  3. Organizer to assist looking after all details to promote the idea.
  4. Suggest selling raffle tickets with all proceeds to go to a registered charity of our choice.
  5. We will supply the winner a fully transferable certificate which he/she can use personally, give it away, or sell it.  If not used the offer will expire six (6) months after the date awarded.
  6. The property must be a single residential family home, including a condo unit.

Mr. Organizer, if you are interested or have any questions you can contact us directly at 905-450-5500 or email us at

First, fill in the from below and include the date, location and number of potential golfers in the comment section.

We reserve the right to accept or deny your request.

Thanks, look forward to assisting your tournament.

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